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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Haiti Websites

Some websites with Haiti information, gathered from COHA’s country pages: The official website of the Republic of Haiti. You will find useful information here about Haiti, the Government, Business opportunities, Visa and Tourism. Governments on the WWW: Haiti The CIA’s World Factbook page for Haiti Human Development Report on Haiti 2002 An independent reporting tool […]

My Philosophy

God bless my fianc�e Louise. I�m going to start running these essays by her before I post them. (She�s a trained editor, don�t you know!) She pointed out some serious weaknesses in Saturday�s entry, including unsubstantiated claims and sweeping generalizations. Most of all she wants me to support the assertions that I make. (Imagine!) Louise, […]

Haiti Film Festival

The American Museum of Natural History will host Haiti on Film on this Saturday, January 31st from 1pm to 5 pm. See this link for details. I looked into flying to New York for this, but decided instead to make plans to attend the Haiti On Screen Film Festival slated for March 31 to April […]

With Friends Like These…

In thinking about my post from yesterday, I want to make sure I’m not misunderstood on one point: In criticizing ways that aid to Haiti is sometimes delivered, I don’t mean to call into question the genuine good will of those who are trying to help. I’m also not saying that Haitians shouldn’t be helped, […]

Annoying the pig

I’m continuing to get up to speed on the full scope of Haitian history, reading today from Libète. After three centuries of subjugation and brutal government, the resilience of the Haitian peasantry is extraordinary. After reading the third chapter in Libète, though, I wonder if the peasant population hasn’t been pulling the wool over our […]

Squeezing French from a Stone

I�d like to get to the point where I�m posting here at least once a day. It might not always be interesting, but here goes… As a lot of the original materials having to do with the Haitian Revolution are in French, I�ve been studying the language through Rosetta Stone. I paid for a quarterly […]

Silencing the Past

From Silencing the Past – Power and the Production of History, by Michel-Rolph Trouillot, p 25: “For what history is changes with time and place or, better said, history reveals itself only through the production of specific narratives. What matters most are the process and conditions of production of such narratives. Only a focus on […]

After the flood…

Just finished reading all 250 posts to the Haiti newsgroup since I joined at the beginning of the year. Whew! My brain is on overload right now and I’m still sifting through my thoughts, but here are a few observations: 1. It is striking how different reports of the same event can vary so widely. […]

Combien c’est Louisiana?

I’m reading from Henry Adams’ “The history of the United States of America during the Administrations of Jefferson and Madison.” Zounds! In this he declares that the Spaniard Godoy, by refusing to relinquish the Louisiana Territory upon discovering he had been duped, had as much influence as the revolt in Haiti on Napoleon’s decision to […]

A couple of things to kick off 2004

Happy New Year! I just came across this article on What You Can’t Say by way of Slashdot. I find myself wishing the author would find more evidence for his viewpoint, yet the topic of moral fashions is an intriguing one. Herman Hesse said, “We should remember that it is easy and foolish to sneer […]