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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Aristide leaves Haiti

So Aristide has gone. I wonder: now that the rebels have achieved their sole aim, what will they do? Has anyone heard their agenda or plan? Yahoo! News – Aristide Leaves Haiti to ‘Avoid Bloodshed’ By Jim Loney and Alistair Scrutton PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) – Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide left his chaotic Caribbean country on […]

Power without money is an illusion

Another insightful article from I’n’I’s Haiti news, this one by Saul Landau, a noted documentary film maker. This has an excellent and balanced rundown of the issues in Haiti today, as well as the historical context. Mr. Landau offers the following example from his own experience as a parallel to what’s happening in Haiti today. […]

Opinion, commentary, and information at I’n’I

Courtesy of the Haiti List (or, as I’ve taken to calling it, the Haiti Information and Opinion Tidal Wave), I came across the following essay: HAITI: Rhetoric Versus Reality “The reality of the current ‘hands-off’ approach of the US is a cold-blooded invitation to the ‘rebels’ to carry on tearing the country apart, for as […]

Raising my voice

I’ve never been really involved in politics, but I decided to write to my representatives tonight to urge US involvement in defending Haiti. If you find the following useful, feel free to copy and paste it into letters to your own representatives. Should you decide to do so, you should know that email is better […]

James’ The Black Jacobins Chapter III

In this chapter, James describes the shifting balance of power in Haiti in 1789 – 91. The French Revolution was having far-reaching effects. Suddenly, with the fall of the Bastille, the small whites in Saint Domingue, inspired by their brothers in Paris, made a determined grab for power. The wealthy bourgeoisie of the North angled […]

A couple of blog notes for Feb 21, ’04

I’m tracking the current situation in Haiti as closely as possible, and I’m all to tempted to post updates here. However, Haiti Pundit has been doing a great job posting all the latest updates and news, so readers who want the skinny on the current stuff should head there. I get royally miffed from time […]

Helping Haiti at Haiti Pundit

I hoped that anyone reading Haiti Pundit’s Helping Haiti entry would be interested in the response at my site to Mr. Raspberry’s opinion piece. I’ve also got a link to the article that doesn’t require a subscription to the Washington Post.

A mess, indeed

The Seattle Times today published a column by William Raspberry, Syndicated columnist, entitled, “The mess in Haiti demands our attention”. You can read his piece here before you read the following response, which I emailed to the writer and to the Seattle times just moments ago. I’ll let you know if I hear back… Mr. […]

More from James… to page 56

Summary of C.L.R. James to page 61.

Another Quote from James

The Black Jacobins, by C.L.R. James, p. 21 “An uninstructed mass, feeling its way to revolution, usually begins by terrorism, and Mackandal aimed at delivering his people by means of poison.”