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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Site update – more to come…

I haven’t been keeping up with the site much lately, as the pace of my research has slowed down a bit. Next month, though, I’ll be at the Haitian history conference in Providence, Rhode Island, and I intend to blog from the conference, assuming there’s power in easy reach and my typing doesn’t disturb anyone. […]

American Slave Narratives

This isn’t strictly on topic, but I chanced recently to rent a documentary that consisted mostly of black actors reading from interviews conducted in 1936 to 1938 with former slaves. Today, I came across a website that has some of the interviews posted, along with pictures and sound files. What struck me in listening to […]

This Gilded African to page 111

It is beginning to emerge that there were two factions fighting for independence in St. Domingue – Toussaint in the north and Rigaud in the south. While Toussaint instilled discipline in his troops and demanded equality and fair treatment, the efforts of Rigaud and the mulattos were marked by distrust and petty jealousies. (Parkinson p. […]

This Gilded African to page 98

Sonthonax was recalled to France to face trail for treason, leaving Laveaux in charge of the colony. (p. 83) Toussaint gained a reputation for being an inexhaustable and unpredictable foe. Indeed, the quotes Parkinson includes on page 84 invoke a certain awe of the man. Toussaint was betrayed by the mulattos at St. Marc, an […]