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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Bloomberg’s Visit and a little Heads-Up

New York City Mayor Bloomberg finally took his trip to Haiti.

World donors pledge over $1.5bn in aid

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Donors pledge $1bn in Haiti aid The additional pledges came at the donors’ conference for Haiti at the World Bank in Washington, attended by donor institutions, nations and NGOs. A total of $1.085bn extra was pledged – in addition to $440m already committed. It came after US Secretary […]

Article on Folklife Festival

I didn’t end up doing much reporting from DC, but this article from Voice of America provides a bit of the flavor:

Report from the Haitian Bicentennial Conference 2004

The report can be found online here: – Tyehimba – Haitian Bicentennial Conference 2004: Re-interpreting Our History

Postal History of Haiti

While reading Haiti: A Slave Revolution, I came across a reference to the following website: Postal History : Haiti German East Africa. The site contains about half-a-dozen images of letters & envelopes sent from Haiti between 1831 and 1934.