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Virtual art exhibit at Carrie Art Collection

We got this notice in our inbox today… Carrie Art Collection is pleased to present the virtual exhibit of Haitian Artist “Dieuseul PAUL” Dieuseul PAUL Dieuseul Paul, born in 1952 in Damiens, is one of the founder of the Saint Soleil school with Prospere Pierre Louis and Louisianne Saint Fleurant. Saint Soleil was founded in the early 1970’s under the direction of Tiga – Jean Claude Garoute, and Maud Robart, promoters of this movement in Soisson-la-Montagne, approximately 50km from Port-au-Prince…. Andre Malreaux immortalized the movement by feathuring Saint Soleil in his book “L’Intemporel”.... On the 15th of every month, Carrie Art Collection features an artist, their work and an interview with the preeminent Haitian art critic, Michel Philippe Lerebours. Carrie Art Collection has selected from among Haiti’s finest artists, representing various schools and mediums.

Haiti Photography

Opus Focus has a wonderful collection of photographs from Haiti and elsewhere.

Literary magazine features Haiti

Bomb, an arts and culture magazine, features Haiti in its Winter 2005 issue. Go to to see the cover and get more information about the magazine.

Review of “How Papa Noel Forgot Haiti”

43 “HOW PAPA NOEL FORGOT HAITI”: THE POLITICS OF CHRISTMAS by Margaret Féquière “How Papa Noel Forgot Haiti” is a lovely musical, written and directed by Paul Uhry Newman, about a Gonaïves family coping with economic hardship and the devastating impact of Hurricane Jeanne, which ravaged Haiti’s northwest last September. Paul Uhry Newman along with Jean Jean-Pierre and Mapou Productions deliver a highly political play about Haiti’s culture and current events, mixed with a bit of history…. It is a happy, chaotic, and fast-paced scene until the young sick child named Magali, played by Danika Silencieux, sings Haiti’s most popular and beloved Christmas song, Petit Papa Noël…. As her family and friends pull together to help Magali through her illness, we are reminded that the true meaning of Christmas is not about Papa Noël bringing gifts but rather about how Papa Noël lives within each and every one of us based on what we do throughout the year to help our fellow human beings…. Key scenes became unintelligible, such as that where Papa Noel’s helper, Watson (Emmanuel Obas), tells the history of Haiti and the finale, when the Cuban doctor and other characters deliver the play’s closing message.

The Santana!?

I had to do a double take when I popped the CD in my PowerBook this evening. Track 11 on the Santana compilation CD Abraxis is called Toussaint L’Ouverture! I had no idea. A quick check on Google turned up this reference: “In the 1970s rock band Santana dedicated half a triple album to L’Ouverture.” […]