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Haiti Documentary “Unfinished Country” on PBS September 6

Set your TiVos now for the new WIDE ANGLE documentary “Unfinished Country” on PBS, Tuesday, September 6th, at 9 p.m. (ET). The film will trace the country’s struggle to organize a democracy amidst lawlessness, natural disaster, and poverty. More details are available from Yahoo!News. The WIDE ANGLE home page is here.

Creole Creative Writing Contest

Eastern Digital Resources is sponsoring a creative writing contest to promote “new and emerging Haitian authors and to encourage reading and writing in Creole.” Twelve to fifteen authors will be selected to be published in The Best of Creole – 2005, and judges will award a $100 prize to one author. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2005, and a broad range of manuscripts will be accepted. See the website for full details.

The Haiti Show

The Haiti Show broadcasts every Wednesday night from 11:00 to 11:30 from KPFT, 90.1 FM in Galveston, TX. Don’t live in Texas? Not to worry! You can stream the show over the Internet.

Haitian Studies Association annual conference to be held in Boston in October

The Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Haitian Studies Association (H.S.A) October 13-15, 2005 • Campus Center • Ballroom A University of Massachusetts Boston Boston, Massachusetts 02125-3393 Theme: ‘HAITI CHÉRIE’: CREATING NEW PATHWAYS FOR TOMORROW The Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Haitian Studies association, to be held on October 13-15, 2005, at the University of Massachusetts Boston, will be devoted to the theme ‘Haiti Chérie’: Creating New Pathways for Tomorrow. As Haiti enters its third century, it has reached yet another crossroad at which it needs to reevaluate its past and set its course for the future. The 17th annual conference of the Haitian Studies Association will foster dialogues about the abundant richness of Haiti’s heritage, capture the creative spirit of its people, envision solutions to its present impasse, and trace new pathways for the future…. Among the topics that might be considered are Haiti’s distinguished historical, cultural, and political traditions that have shaped the creative spirit of its people. Creating new pathways for tomorrow is rooted in the conception of envisioned models that rely on fundamental choices between continuity with the past and change for the future…. Participants may focus on issues crossing multiple race/class/gender and population lines and covering topics from forced migration, life histories, immigration, environment, health, contemporary Haitian popular culture and arts are strongly encouraged.

Haitian American Foundation

It looks like their website hasn’t been updated in a few months (like I’m one to talk), but the Haitian American Foundation, also in South Florida, offers a number of valuable services to the Haitian-American community, including youth access to computers.

Haiti Travels

I got a very nice couple of emails recently from the folks at Haiti Travels, and I wanted to mention their site.

A Tribute to Ossie Davis from Haiti Progres

For those that experienced his presence through films and other public appearances, he always portrayed the honest and the good in all us. He left us an incredible legacy… that of a sensitized man who championed the cause of the less fortunate…. It was in that capacity that he graced the Haitian people and the Haitian struggle when he hosted for the Haiti Support Network (HSN) the New York premiere of Raoul Peck’s film “Man by the Shore” on January 25, 1996. Along with his lifelong companion Ruby Dee, he joined other hosts of the evening including Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general, Michael Moore, the noted documentary filmmaker, David Dinkins, former mayor of New York City, and other freedom loving people in support of the Haitian cause…. There, Ossie spoke about his childhood interest in Toussaint Louverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines and about the Haitian revolution as an inspiration for his own life and of the pride that he felt speaking about the first successful slave rebellion in the world. Ossie identified with Haiti and Haitians because he knew that injustice against and indifference to Haitians and Haiti meant the same injustice against and indifference to all people who fight for justice everywhere…. From Ossie, we learn that Haiti’s current struggle reflect the struggles against slavery and against world domination by the remaining “superpower.” The people of Haiti have lost a great friend, someone who understood our struggle,who lived our struggle, and who walked comfortably in our shoes as if they were his own.

List of Famous People of Haitian Descent

He died in a french jail before seeing a free Haiti, which in 1804 became the 2nd country in the Americas after the U.S. to become independent Jean-Jacques Dessalines – Leader of the First Black Republic in the World Alexandre Petion – Haitian Leader who would help the founder of Latin American Independence, Simon Bolivar (The country of Bolivia is named after him), by providing weapons and soldiers with the promise Bolivar would free all the slaves in places he liberated…. The Audubon Society is named after him Jean Michel Basquiat – Son of Haitian and Puerto Rican parents who was a graffiti artist in NYC using the tag SAMO who would later become one of the most successful, controversial and glamorous artists in the world Jacques Stephen Alexis – Haitian writer who is a descendant of Jean-Jacques Dessalines…. Some of her acting credits is THE JEFFERSONS, THE COSBY SHOW, A DIFFERENT WORLD… Rene Depestre – Famous Haitian writer of many books, one of which is THE FESTIVAL OF THE GREASY POLE Jacques Roumain – Famous Haitian writer and one of his most famous work is GOUVERNEURS DE LA ROSEE Jean-Jean Pierre – Haitian composer, musician, journalist, and playwright, who was profiled on the New York Times Public Lives segment in December 23rd 2004 Ronal and Rony Delice – Haitian Brothers who are acclaimed fashion designers in New York City RELIGION Pierre Toussaint – Haitian born slave who is under consideration by the Vatican for canonization for his humanitarian work in New York Elizabeth Clarisse Lange – Freed slave who first migrated to Cuba then to Baltimore, Maryland…. Dr. Rose Marie Toussaint – One of only two women liver transplant surgeon in the world Joseph Laroche – Haitian businessman traveling with his french wife and kids on the Titanic which was somewhat of a choc to people to see a black man and his white wife traveling aboard a very expensive ocean liner at that time…. His wife and kids never made it to Haiti as they decided to return to France Dr. Carole Berotte Joseph – She is the new president of MassBay Community College in Massachussetts SPORTS Joe Gaetjens – Haitian born soccer player who scored amazing goal for the underdog U.S. in match against mighty England in 1950 World Cup of Soccer in Brazil…. William Joseph – DT for NY Giants Jonathan Vilma – LB for NY Jets Samuel Dalembert – C for Philadelphia 76rs Mario Elie – Former G for Houston Rockets Olden Polynice – Former NBA player Bruny Surin – Haitian / Canadian Track and field star WISH THEY WEREN’T HAITIANS Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier along with his father Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, combined to ruled Haiti under a brutal dictatorship for about 30 yrs. Papa Doc was the inspiration of Graham Greene in his book and movie adaptation of THE COMEDIANS.

Haitian Bleu

By way of Bob Corbett’s excellent mailing list, I find that Haitian Bleu coffee has a website and an online distribution channel by way of Gourmetmagic.

A Haitian Community Yellow Blue Pages

Doesn’t look like there are any actual listings there yet, but the Bluewater Pages Haitian Community website has some potential.