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Call for Submissions – Journal of Haitian Studies

The Journal of Haitian Studies is a interdisciplinary refereed journal dedicated to scholarship on Haiti, including the arts, the sciences, and the humanities. Most issues cover a broad range of topics and articles are accepted year round. Special issues on science, education, women, and spirituality are planned for the future…. Submissions should be roughly 4000-6000 words, and may be written in English, French, Kreyol, or Spanish…. Complete submission guidelines are available on the Journal’s web site: Articles (sent as attachments) or inquiries may be sent to

Contacting Louverture Films

In general, the best way to approach companies you want to work for is to find a personal contact—a friend of a friend, even—who knows someone at the place in question. The second best way is to write a personal letter or make a phone call and request an informational interview. The art of getting a foot in the door and conducting an informational interview is covered extremely well in Richard Bolles’ What Color is Your Parachute?... Film companies don’t generally accept unsolicited material, and looking at their contact page, it would seem that Louverture Films is no exception. However, the FAQ page on the Louverture Films site offers some pretty clear guidelines on how to make contact with them…. Finally, if you really want to work anywhere, but especially for small, specialty-oriented companies, you should be persistent yet respectful, and you should always emphasize what you have to offer, rather than what you hope to gain.

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and Haitian History

For those missing loved ones or looking for further information about the aftermath of the storm, Rex Hammock’s Weblog has a list of survivor/missing databases, and a wiki, ThinkNOLA has been set up as a clearinghouse of information and resources…. Also check out Metroblogging New Orleans, Kaye’s Hurricane Katrina Blog, the Hurricane Katrina page at Wikipedia, Eye of the Storm, Storm Digest, and the links here and here…. Brasseaux at the University of Louisiana’s Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism points out that: Haitian immigrants have established a significant community in New Orleans over the past two decades…. During a six-month period in 1809, approximately 10,000 refugees from Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti) arrived at New Orleans, doubling the Crescent City’s population. Approximately one-third of the refugees were white, an additional one-third were free persons of color, and the remaining one-third were slaves (primarily domestics).... For all Americans, and especially the Haitian American residents of New Orleans, the city must survive and rebuild.

Best of Creole 2005 Contest

The major reason I’m so chagrined about being so behind on my blogging is that I’ve missed telling you about the “Best of Creole 2005 Contest.” The Louverture Project has teamed with with Eastern Digital Resources to offer a prize for the best history-related submission to the Creole-language contest. Here’s the blurb There’s only 1 month left in our Best of Creole 2005 Contest…. We have received a number of submissions already, but there’s still time to submit yours…. The best history related submission will receive a $75 prize sponsored by our co-sponsor, The The Louverture Project The top 12 to 15 submissions will be published in the Best of Creole, 2005…. You’ve still got a couple of weeks to get your entries in, so head on over to the web site and submit your entry!

A bright spot in a dark day

In keeping up with the coverage of the London bombings today, I have to admit that my feelings have alternated between intense sorrow for the victims and slack-jawed awe at the speed and breadth of coverage at Wikipedia. Wikis are incredibly good tools for capturing and organizing information online, and they work especially well when there’s a dedicated community involved. If you’re reading this, please remember that we need your help to grow The Louverture Project’s wiki. Take a look at the page above and think about how powerful the collective actions of like-minded individuals can be.

Haitian Studies Association annual conference to be held in Boston in October

The Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Haitian Studies Association (H.S.A) October 13-15, 2005 • Campus Center • Ballroom A University of Massachusetts Boston Boston, Massachusetts 02125-3393 Theme: ‘HAITI CHÉRIE’: CREATING NEW PATHWAYS FOR TOMORROW The Seventeenth Annual Conference of the Haitian Studies association, to be held on October 13-15, 2005, at the University of Massachusetts Boston, will be devoted to the theme ‘Haiti Chérie’: Creating New Pathways for Tomorrow. As Haiti enters its third century, it has reached yet another crossroad at which it needs to reevaluate its past and set its course for the future. The 17th annual conference of the Haitian Studies Association will foster dialogues about the abundant richness of Haiti’s heritage, capture the creative spirit of its people, envision solutions to its present impasse, and trace new pathways for the future…. Among the topics that might be considered are Haiti’s distinguished historical, cultural, and political traditions that have shaped the creative spirit of its people. Creating new pathways for tomorrow is rooted in the conception of envisioned models that rely on fundamental choices between continuity with the past and change for the future…. Participants may focus on issues crossing multiple race/class/gender and population lines and covering topics from forced migration, life histories, immigration, environment, health, contemporary Haitian popular culture and arts are strongly encouraged.

A Tribute to Ossie Davis from Haiti Progres

For those that experienced his presence through films and other public appearances, he always portrayed the honest and the good in all us. He left us an incredible legacy… that of a sensitized man who championed the cause of the less fortunate…. It was in that capacity that he graced the Haitian people and the Haitian struggle when he hosted for the Haiti Support Network (HSN) the New York premiere of Raoul Peck’s film “Man by the Shore” on January 25, 1996. Along with his lifelong companion Ruby Dee, he joined other hosts of the evening including Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general, Michael Moore, the noted documentary filmmaker, David Dinkins, former mayor of New York City, and other freedom loving people in support of the Haitian cause…. There, Ossie spoke about his childhood interest in Toussaint Louverture and Jean-Jacques Dessalines and about the Haitian revolution as an inspiration for his own life and of the pride that he felt speaking about the first successful slave rebellion in the world. Ossie identified with Haiti and Haitians because he knew that injustice against and indifference to Haitians and Haiti meant the same injustice against and indifference to all people who fight for justice everywhere…. From Ossie, we learn that Haiti’s current struggle reflect the struggles against slavery and against world domination by the remaining “superpower.” The people of Haiti have lost a great friend, someone who understood our struggle,who lived our struggle, and who walked comfortably in our shoes as if they were his own.

Hayden’s tips for moderating conversations in virtual space

As the community around The Louverture Project starts to grow, it’s worth keeping in mind Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s list of tips for moderating conversations in virtual space. That’s what a wiki is, after all: a formalized conversation about people’s understanding of a topic.

Posting schedule and site update

I apologize for the lack of posting here in the last week, I will do my best to keep on a more regular schedule of updating the blog at least once every couple of days.

American Slave Narratives

This isn’t strictly on topic, but I chanced recently to rent a documentary that consisted mostly of black actors reading from interviews conducted in 1936 to 1938 with former slaves. Today, I came across a website that has some of the interviews posted, along with pictures and sound files. What struck me in listening to […]