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Haitian history book for sale

This notice popped up on the wiki recently, and I thought I’d repeat the message here…. Click here for the message and email address. Even though it was written in 1928, Bob Corbett calls this book the second-best history of Haiti in English. By the way if you’re at all interested in Haitian history, you must know about Professor Corbett. His site is is an invaluable resource for the casual scholar, and his mailing list is a place of lively and enlightening debate. The good professor also has a good collection of his books for sale.

The Creole Clearinghouse

The Creole Clearinghouse is a lengthy page of links to Haiti-related resources in Creole, English and French.

A Haitian Community Yellow Blue Pages

Doesn’t look like there are any actual listings there yet, but the Bluewater Pages Haitian Community website has some potential.

Haitian Historical documents online

Prompted by a request from a reader, I discovered the Haiti-Reference page. The site is in French and it has a wealth of information, including the text of Toussaint’s Constitution of 1801 -Haiti-Reference:Constitution de 1801

Software I use

NoteTaker Outliner program for Mac OS X . Keeps notes, documents, web shortcuts and more in a notebook-like interface. MovableType Free blog software. Works like a dream! Readerware Automatically catalogs your book collection. Can interface with a bar code scanner to gather information electronically. Mac or PC. StickyBrain2 Stickies on steroids. Store anything. Find anything. […]

Websites – Arts, Toussaint and Haiti in

American Museum of Natural History AMNH’s Living in America series for 2004 features Haiti. Casting Call for Lion in Captivity I believe this was Paul Robeson�s one-act about Toussaint. The auditions were held on November 1st and 3rd of 2003, but I couldn�t tell if a production was ever mounted. HaitiBooks Site is mostly in […]

Websites – Haiti, general

Bob Corbett�s Haiti Page A top-notch collection of resources on Haiti. See especially links to the Haiti Mailing List and Corbett�s essays on the revolutionary period. Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington D.C. Search the Documentation section for Haitian political documents and texts of old speeches. Governments on the World Wide Web – […]

Websites – Haiti, history

Douglas Egerton on the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint L’Ouverture, and Jefferson See the main site for general African-American history. Haiti – A Country Study A book on Haiti from the Library of Congress. Includes history. Haiti almanac info from World Statesmen Includes flags, lists of governors, prime ministers, etc. The Haitian Revolution University of Albany pathfinder […]

Websites – Haiti, international community and

COHA Council on Hemispheric Affairs. Periodically publishes articles on Haiti. MICIVIH OAS/UN International Mission in Haiti OAS’s Situation In Haiti Documents, speeches, and press releases from the Organization of American States US Embassy – Haiti See the link at the bottom of the page on International Policy towards Haiti. [Updated February 10, 2004, 5:34 PM]

Websites – Haiti, missions and foundations

EDEM Foundation Provides access to opportunities for the children of Haiti through sustainable education, agriculture, farming and community development. Healing Hands for Haiti Volunteer organization to bring rehabilitative medicine to Haitians. Also operates a guest house. USAID/Haiti Home Page The United States Agency for International Development. [Updated February 16, 2004, 2:26 PM]