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Haitian Historical documents online

Prompted by a request from a reader, I discovered the Haiti-Reference page. The site is in French and it has a wealth of information, including the text of Toussaint’s Constitution of 1801 -Haiti-Reference:Constitution de 1801


  1. Jerrell Baker wrote:

    My name is Jerrell and I am obsessed with the story of Toussaint as well. I am a history teacher in Baltimore and am impressed with what you’re doing. I have teamed with an independent production company and am hoping to bring this story to the big screen. We are in begining stages of research and script writing. I couldn’t get your email through your page. I will read your entire site and all respect to you and your grandfather.
    My six month old son’s middle name is Toussaint!

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  2. Barbra Mosly wrote:

    For sale 30 presidential Haitian Documents they are of 28 different presidents. I have Louverture, Cristophe, Petion, Boyer many rare never seen on the market before. If interested please email.

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  3. Barbra mosly wrote:

    Presidential documents for sale

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  4. Barbra mosly wrote:


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