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Websites – Haiti, politics

Please note that I do not endorse any of these sites or their views. I simply provide the links as a reference.

Website of the coalition led by Andy Apaid.
Website of the Haiti Action Committee.

Haiti Democracy Project
US organization which advocates for “more effecive U.S. policy toward Haiti.”

Haiti Reborn
Political action site.

Haiti Support Group
Very accessible web site with links for travel, events, and more.

International Coalition of Independent Observers
Haitian Election Page, with an extensive report of the elections of 2000.

Institute for Research in the Science of Politics
Interesting site. Self-professed Haiti-focused interest group, contains news analysis, essays, and poetry (!).

Organization of American States’ Dec. 17 report
OAS report of the Commission of Inquiry into the events of December 17, 2001 in Haiti.

[Updated February 16, 2001, 2:23 pm]