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Websites – Arts, Toussaint and Haiti in

“American Museum of Natural History”:
_AMNH’s Living in America series for 2004 features Haiti._

“Casting Call for Lion in Captivity”:
_I believe this was Paul Robeson�s one-act about Toussaint. The auditions were held on November 1st and 3rd of 2003, but I couldn�t tell if a production was ever mounted._

_Site is mostly in French; sells CDs, rare books, video, and objets d�art._

“Robey Theatre Company”:
_See Events | Toussaint for a link to �For the Love of Freedom… Part I, Toussaint (the Soul) Rise and Revolution,� by Levy Lee Simon_

“Windows on Haiti”:
_Also see this site for good Audio and Art links._

_[Entry updated Feb 1, 2004 noon]_

Websites – Haiti, general

“Bob Corbett�s Haiti Page”:
_A top-notch collection of resources on Haiti. See especially links to the Haiti Mailing List and Corbett�s essays on the revolutionary period._

“Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington D.C.”:
_Search the Documentation section for Haitian political documents and texts of old speeches._

“Governments on the World Wide Web – Haiti”:
_A page of vital links._

“Haiti Info”
_Bi-lingual blog-style list of news reports and other articles._

“Haiti�s Super Web Directory”:
_Emmanuel W. Vedrine�s other project._

“Haiti Support Group”:
_Very accessible web site with news for travelers, event updates, and a brief summary of famous Haitians._

_Big, good looking site, lots of Haiti links. Especially check out the “Haiti Global Village”:, a bilingual online community of Haitians_

“Journal of Haitian Studies”:
_Part of the Center for Black Studies, this is the “official publication of the Haitian Studies Association,” a refereed scholarly journal._

_Excellent site by artist Hertz Nazaire. Includes a Creole dictionary online. Check out the new book – Revolution 1804-2004._

“Miami Herald Special Section – Haiti�s Bicentennial”:
_Includes on-the-scene reports from Michael A.W. Ottey._

“Multicultural Florida”:
_Long list of links suffers from lack of organization._

“Vedrine Creole Project”:
_List of essays, articles, and other resources – all in Creole._

“Windows on Haiti”:
_General news and information. Audio links, arts links, history, photos, essays._

_[Entry updated Feb 16, 2004 2:16 pm]_

Websites – Haiti, history

“Douglas Egerton on the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint L’Ouverture, and Jefferson”:
_See the main site for general African-American history._

“Haiti – A Country Study”:
_A book on Haiti from the Library of Congress. Includes history._

“Haiti almanac info from World Statesmen”:
_Includes flags, lists of governors, prime ministers, etc._

“The Haitian Revolution”:
_University of Albany pathfinder site full of links and resources._

“The history of the Republic of Haiti, Hartford Web Publishing”:
_HWP has a huge collection of historical documents in its online archives, including these about Haiti._

“We Love Haiti”:
The official website of the First Annual Haitian Culture Festival in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. Sept. 14, 2003. See the links to “History”: and “Founding Fathers”:

Websites – Haiti, international community and

_Council on Hemispheric Affairs. Periodically publishes articles on Haiti._

_OAS/UN International Mission in Haiti_

“OAS’s Situation In Haiti”:
_Documents, speeches, and press releases from the Organization of American States_

“US Embassy – Haiti”:
_See the link at the bottom of the page on International Policy towards Haiti._

_[Updated February 10, 2004, 5:34 PM]_

Websites – Haiti, missions and foundations

“EDEM Foundation”:
_Provides access to opportunities for the children of Haiti through sustainable education, agriculture, farming and community development._

“Healing Hands for Haiti”:
_Volunteer organization to bring rehabilitative medicine to Haitians. Also operates a guest house._

“USAID/Haiti Home Page”:
_The United States Agency for International Development._

_[Updated February 16, 2004, 2:26 PM]_

Websites – Haiti, politics

_Please note that I do not endorse any of these sites or their views. I simply provide the links as a reference._

_Website of the coalition led by Andy Apaid._

_Website of the Haiti Action Committee._

“Haiti Democracy Project”:
_US organization which advocates for “more effecive U.S. policy toward Haiti.”_

“Haiti Reborn”:
_Political action site._

“Haiti Support Group”:
_Very accessible web site with links for travel, events, and more._

“International Coalition of Independent Observers”:
_Haitian Election Page, with an extensive report of the elections of 2000._

“Institute for Research in the Science of Politics”:
_Interesting site. Self-professed Haiti-focused interest group, contains news analysis, essays, and poetry (!)._

“Organization of American States’ Dec. 17 report”:
_OAS report of the Commission of Inquiry into the events of December 17, 2001 in Haiti._

_[Updated February 16, 2001, 2:23 pm]_

New Resources Category

In an effort to enhance the usefulness of The Louverture Project, I’m going to start adding web links and other resources to the site. I’ll probably experiment a bit before I find the right way to present everything, but my first idea is to create a new category of posts called “Resources.” Under this, I’ll post entries like “Web Sites – General Haitian History.” Within that post, I will keep updating links as I find them.

I know that editing posted entries is antithetical to the blogger code, but if this works the way I think it will, it seems like the best way to organize a bunch of resource information. I’ve added the option to browse posts by category, so clicking on “Resources” at the right-hand side of the page should bring up one page with all the categories. The only problem I can see with this is that I may have to re-jigger the dates of the entries to get them to display alphabetically. There’s probably a better solution, but I haven’t found it yet.

*So*, the Resources category will be unreliable in terms of the posted date, but hopefully for this special case this won’t be a problem.

Also, I’m working on getting my current library of books as well as my wish list into “Readerware” for Mac. I’ll post those lists when they’re done.

To understand Haitian politic… give up?

I posted a question to the Haiti Mailing List yesterday, asking if anyone could point me to some resource that would give me a balanced analysis of the elections of 2000.

I’ve gotten two responses so far. One was from a woman who asked me to pass along anything I find to her. The second was from a gentleman who said basically the same thing, and that he’s been going to Haiti for 20 years and still doesn’t understand the politics.

Fascinating that there seems to be no easy resource for a fair look at Haitian politics.