A bright spot in a dark day

In keeping up with the coverage of the London bombings today, I have to admit that my feelings have alternated between intense sorrow for the victims and slack-jawed awe at the speed and breadth of coverage at Wikipedia.

Wikis are incredibly good tools for capturing and organizing information online, and they work especially well when there’s a dedicated community involved. If you’re reading this, please remember that we need your help to grow The Louverture Project’s wiki. Take a look at the page above and think about how powerful the collective actions of like-minded individuals can be.

New Orleans: Haitian Drum Workshops

Master Drummer Frisner Augustin will give Haitian drum workshops twice daily from July 11 through July 16, at Kay Mystique, a New Orleans Vodou temple. See the Kay Mystique site for details, or sign up at New Orleans Mystic.

Students who take classes that week will have a chance on Saturday, July 16th, to perform with members of La Troupe Makandal, a Haitian dance ensemble.

Creole Creative Writing Contest

Eastern Digital Resources is sponsoring a creative writing contest to promote “new and emerging Haitian authors and to encourage reading and writing in Creole.” Twelve to fifteen authors will be selected to be published in The Best of Creole – 2005, and judges will award a $100 prize to one author.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2005, and a broad range of manuscripts will be accepted. See the website for full details.

Haitian history book for sale

This notice popped up on the wiki recently, and I thought I’d repeat the message here. There’s a used copy of Black Democracy, the Story of Haiti, by H.P. Davis, available for sale by one of our wiki readers. Click here for the message and email address. Even though it was written in 1928, Bob Corbett calls this book the second-best history of Haiti in English.

By the way if you’re at all interested in Haitian history, you must know about Professor Corbett. His site is is an invaluable resource for the casual scholar, and his mailing list is a place of lively and enlightening debate. The good professor also has a sizable chunk of his personal library availble for sale. Click here for a current list.