Haiti Documentary “Unfinished Country” on PBS September 6

Set your TiVos now for the new WIDE ANGLE documentary “Unfinished Country” on PBS, Tuesday, September 6th, at 9 p.m. (ET). The film will trace the country’s struggle to organize a democracy amidst lawlessness, natural disaster, and poverty.

More details are available from Yahoo!News. The WIDE ANGLE home page is here.

Best of Creole 2005 Contest

The major reason I’m so chagrined about being so behind on my blogging is that I’ve missed telling you about the “Best of Creole 2005 Contest.” The Louverture Project has teamed with with Eastern Digital Resources to offer a prize for the best history-related submission to the Creole-language contest. Here’s the blurb

There’s only 1 month left in our Best of Creole 2005 Contest. We are looking for articles, short stories, history essays, poetry – whatever you would like to submit in Creole. We have received a number of submissions already, but there’s still time to submit yours. The deadline is Aug. 31, 2005.

The winning submission will receive a $100 U.S prize.

The best history related submission will receive a $75 prize sponsored by our co-sponsor, The The Louverture Project

The top 12 to 15 submissions will be published in the Best of Creole, 2005.

Details are on our web site.

You’ve still got a couple of weeks to get your entries in, so head on over to the web site and submit your entry!

Haiti Revolutionary Symbolism?

Kathleen Hulser, Public Historian for the New York Historical Society recently sent an email to the Haiti list asking for help.

For an exhibition comparing revolutions in Saint Domingue, France and United States, I am interested in learning about the material culture and visual imagery from the revolt in Haiti. We are particularly seeking images that show Erzulie/Erzili/Mary figure as a revolutionary “muse” comparable to Marianne (France) and Columbia (US). Syncretic Christian and voodoo versions are of interest as well.

If you can help out Ms. Hulser, please leave a comment or click on the “Contact” link above to send me an email, and I’ll put you in touch.


This poor blog has had to take a backseat to other more pressing issues lately. I apologize to those who have been checking in and seeing nothing more than a blank page. I’ll have a post or two to post shortly. I suppose you can still expect intermittent blogging for the time being, but the main focus for me is the wiki at any rate, so please head over there, read through, and add any knowledge or insight you may have.

(I have had a run of wiki spam lately, so drop me an email if you see anything that doesn’t look right.)