Another Haiti mailing list

Courtesy of Bob Corbett’s “Haiti List”:, I’ve discovered another mailing list full of information – the “VTHaiti list at Yahoo!Groups”:

From their description at Yahoo!Groups:

bq. We are an informal group of Vermonters who have become interested in Haiti and are intent on becoming further involved in sympathetic and humane ways. We respect Haitian people and their culture.

bq. Our group exists to help us all to learn more about Haiti and to support one another in the development of economic, social, artistic and educational projects that will ultimately benefit both Haiti and Vermont.

The information is useful even to non-Vermonters, I’m pleased to say. You do need to be a member of Yahoo!Groups to join the list. It’s a free registration, though you’ll have to put up with web and email ads. You can also choose on any of your Yahoo!Groups to receive a daily digest, individual emails only, or to receive no emails and view the messages online.