This poor blog has had to take a backseat to other more pressing issues lately. I apologize to those who have been checking in and seeing nothing more than a blank page. I’ll have a post or two to post shortly. I suppose you can still expect intermittent blogging for the time being, but the main focus for me is the wiki at any rate, so please head over there, read through, and add any knowledge or insight you may have.

(I have had a run of wiki spam lately, so drop me an email if you see anything that doesn’t look right.)

Site update – March ’05

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been distracted with a job search for the last month, so I just have not had any energy left over at the end of the day. Fortunately, a very nice job offer came through, and a few freelance clients turned up, besides. I’ll still be busy, but I should be able to get back to a more regular posting schedule now. Whether that means every couple of days or every week remains to be seen, but just keep checking back… the site’s not going anywhere!

In other blog news, I have several updates that I’ve been wanting to get to, but haven’t had the time, including adding links to Haitian history resources on the sidebar, adding an email link for feedback, actually creating an about page to link from the top menu, and so on. I’m hoping to do this now that my schedule is a bit more predictable.

I finally had a chance to upgrade the wiki with the latest security patches today. Currently, the site is running on version 1.3.11 of MediaWiki. The developers are cranking away on 1.4, so we’ll be upgrading to that version whenever it’s out of beta and running stably for a while.

I’ve had to restore a few pages on the wiki over the past couple of weeks. Don’t know why someone would go in and blank a whole page. I suppose it could be malicious, or it could be an innocent mistake. There was one spam attack a few weeks back, where the main page was replaced with links to a couple of dodgy commercial sites. The good news is that I was alerted to the errant changes within 30 minutes by an RSS feed from the Recent Changes page, and was able to restore the previous version of the page within minutes.

I continue to get good feedback from folks who are discovering the site. A critical step in the development of The Louverture Project is the building of a community of readers and editors. Please feel free to dig in to the wiki and experiment, and let others know that we’re here. It’s your participation that will make a difference.

Thanks for visiting. More to come soon…


In the process of moving this blog to the new server, I lost a draft I had been saving until the process was complete. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but a minor frustration, and it means that I lost a chance to do a fresh post. Ah, well…

We had our first instance of spam on the brand new site. The main page of the wiki was replaced with an ad for… well, it was an ad. Why anyone gets any pleasure out of this kind of randomly malicious behavior is beyond me, but the good news is that the damage was quickly spotted and easily reversed. I have a program that checks the RSS feed for the Recently Updated pages on the wiki, so I can know within a half-hour tops if there’s been any nefarious activity. Rolling back the page is a simple matter, and the user in question has been banned until further notice.

My own activities with the wiki have been slowed, as I’m deep in the hunt for gainful employment. I have lots of plans and material to add as soon as time frees up, and I’m especially hoping to continue soliciting help from others. The project needs a community to survive, and I hope there’ll be some willing participants who’ll make their way over to the site before long.

Lots more coming soon, including fresh links and features on the sidebar, so keep checking back…

If you can read this, you’re here already…

The Louverture Project now resides on a new server, so if you can see this message it means that computers all over the world have found the new site! I did my best to transfer everything over, so you shouldn’t actually notice a difference. If anything seems broken, please send an email to stuart [at] thelouvertureproject [dot] org (replacing the at and the dot with their appropriate keyboard counterparts, of course.)

Onward and upward…

Posting schedule and site update

I apologize for the lack of posting here in the last week, I will do my best to keep on a more regular schedule of updating the blog at least once every couple of days, if not more frequently. I like to post notices of arts and cultural events when I get them, as well as articles of note about wikis, collaborative websites, and Haitian history. If you have any submissions for the blog, please drop me an email at stuart at thelouvertureproject dot org. (Replace the words “at” and “dot” with their appropriate keyboard symbols, of course.)

One of the things that’s had me so busy for the past week has been the hunt for a new hosting company for the blog and wiki. After much research, I’ve finally found us a new online home. I expect the transition to the new service to take place sometime in the coming week. If all goes well, you shouldn’t notice the change, but if you try to access either the blog or the wiki and they aren’t available, don’t panic! Just give it an hour or so and try again.

I’m planning to upgrade the look of the blog soon, with a snazzy new banner, popular links, Amazon book lists, and more, so stay tuned, and please keep in touch. I’m most concerned about making The Louverture Project both a place people want to visit and a source of accurate, timely information, so drop me a line or leave a comment every once in a while and let me know how we’re doing.

Welcome to the new home for The Louverture Project blog

Welcome, one and all!

After months of work, The Louverture Project is almost ready to open. An important step was to get this blog up and running. As the project progresses, we’ll post updates and items of interest to the community involved in building this unique history project.

For example, today we finished formatting and posting the French and English versions of Toussaint Louverture’s 1801 Constitution. We also created definitions for each of the months of the Republican Calendar. Next up, we’ll be focusing on filling out the Primer, adding more support and help pages, and tackling the narrative.

Check back often for more updates!

UPDATE: This blog used to be hosted at Stumax.com. I’ve now moved all the entries from the old blog to this site.

Site update – more to come…

I haven’t been keeping up with the site much lately, as the pace of my research has slowed down a bit. Next month, though, I’ll be at the Haitian history conference in Providence, Rhode Island, and I intend to blog from the conference, assuming there’s power in easy reach and my typing doesn’t disturb anyone. Should be a very interesting conference; see “here for details”:http://www.brown.edu/Facilities/John_Carter_Brown_Library/pages/Haitian-Conference-Program.html.

After that, I’ll be heading to Washington, DC for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. I hope to have lots of good stuff to post on that leg of the trip as well.

A couple of blog notes for Feb 21, ’04

I’m tracking the current situation in Haiti as closely as possible, and I’m all to tempted to post updates here. However, “Haiti Pundit”:haitipundit.typepad.com has been doing a great job posting all the latest updates and news, so readers who want the skinny on the current stuff should head there. I get royally miffed from time to time about some inaccuracy I hear in the news, so I’ll probably make a comment from time to time, but I’m trying real hard to regain my focus on Toussaint.

To that end, I hope to have the next chapter of James done by tomorrow. Also, I have a very interesting post in the wings comparing Haiti’s historical troubles with those of the Irish during the potato famine. I’ll get that up ASAP.

Another Quote from James

The Black Jacobins, by C.L.R. James, p. 21
“An uninstructed mass, feeling its way to revolution, usually begins by terrorism, and Mackandal aimed at delivering his people by means of poison.”