Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellions

An interesting attempt at collaboration is going on at Greenwood Publishing Group. I’d love to see a project like this done as a wiki.

Work has begun on The Encyclopedia of Slave Resistance and Rebellions, to be edited by Junius P. Rodriguez and published by Greenwood Press. Scheduled to appear in June 2007, the work will comprise alphabetically arranged entries on all aspects of the subject and is intended to provide an overview of current scholarship in the field.

This single volume 350,000-word encyclopedia will cover the history of slave resistance and rebellion from antiquity to the late-nineteenth century. Entries will consist of specific incidents, individuals, concepts, thematic essays, and artistic/literary renderings of slave resistance and rebellion.

A listing of topics available and other project information can be viewed at: http://www.eureka.edu/emp/jrodrig/greenwood/rr.htm If you are interested in writing encyclopedia entries for this project inquiries should be addressed to:

Dr. Junius P. Rodriguez

Eureka College

300 East College Avenue

Eureka, Illinois 61530

Email = jrodrig@eureka.edu

Phone: (309) 467-6416

Fax: (309) 467-6386

Should you encounter any key topics that are not listed as proposed articles, please feel free to suggest these to me and I will update the list accordingly.

Please feel free to share this information with colleagues who may have an interest in contributing articles for this publication.

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