Event: Bonga & The Vodou Drums of Haiti

Saturday, February 5, 10:00 PM

27 West 26th Street (between 6th Ave and Broadway)
New York
212-576-1155 or www.satalla.com

Bonga: This traditional Haitian drum battery is comprised of family members
who deliver straight-up Vodou rhythms. Great spot for a nice vibe of
mizik rasin (roots music) with an uplifting kreyol chorus. Some fierce
drumming, dancing and world-class musicianship too.

Bonga Jean-Baptiste: Haitian drum, vocals
Tiga Jean-Baptiste: Haitian drum, vocals, didgeridoo, mbira,
Jean Mary: Haitian drum, vocals
Fito Vivien: Haitian percussion and vocals
Peck Allman: brass, reeds, woodwinds
Sarah Dupuy: vocals
Alisha Zebulon: vocals
Sheila Anozier: Haitian and freestyle dance, vocals

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