Haiti 1804 at the Carrie Art Collection

Via the VT Haiti mail list, we find that the Carrie Art Collection in Petionville, Haiti, has “posted a gallery of revolution-themed Haitian Art”:http://www.carrieartcollection.com/artist/index.html. From their email:

bq. The Carrie Art Collection is pleased to present the virtual exhibit of Haitian Art entitled “Haiti1804”:http://www.carrieartcollection.com/artist/index.html

bq. In 1804 the slaves of Saint-Domingue overthrew their French colonial masters in what was to be one of the most earthshaking and traumatic uprisings of the 19th century.

bq. Haiti and the Haitian People were born of this struggle, both unique in the modern world. And then came Haitian Art.

bq. If art speaks of what is most precious to people, then the focus Haitian art has on Haitian history speaks of the Haitian people’s pride in their exceptional heritage.

bq. The Carrie Art Collection has selected from among Haiti’s finest artists, to present “Haiti1804”. Visit now and discover the magic of Haitian history and Haitian art.

bq. The Carrie Art Collection
121 Juvenat, # 5
Petionville, Haiti
Telephone: (509) 401-0145

They have a nice collection of images posted, and each image is accompanied by a bit of history in both English and French. The prices are a bit steep for me, but at least the viewing is free.