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I received a couple of very nice emails recently from the folks at Haiti Travels, and I wanted to mention their site. The company offers guided tours of Haiti and an impressive range of services — from transportation and lodging to translation and custom-made Haitian clothes and shoes.

Haiti Travels maintains a focus on history, too, with tours to places like former sugar plantations and colonial-era forts. From their website:

bq. We have also developed a specialty called the “Road to History” tour which involves an intense personal historical experience through visualization techniques and some theatrical reenactment.

They also have ambitious plans for a permanent interactive park called “The Memory Village.” Again, from the website:

bq. The Memory Village is envisioned as a living interactive historical village where people from all over the world will have the opportunity to relive the three main cultures of the transatlantic slave trade from before the turning point of 1492 through the ensuing 500 years either by vicariously experiencing or by observing the historical reenactment of capture, selling, shipping and enslaving African people up to the time of the revolution and the 200 years following the victory of independence in Haiti.

There are plans and a budget online, and lots more about DOA/BN, the organization that runs Haiti Travels. I encourage you to visit the website and learn more about this unique company.

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