Haitian Historical documents online

Prompted by a request from a reader, I discovered the “Haiti-Reference page”:www.haiti-reference.info. The site is in French and it has a wealth of information, including the text of Toussaint’s Constitution of 1801 –Haiti-Reference:Constitution de 1801

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Jerrell and I am obsessed with the story of Toussaint as well. I am a history teacher in Baltimore and am impressed with what you’re doing. I have teamed with an independent production company and am hoping to bring this story to the big screen. We are in begining stages of research and script writing. I couldn’t get your email through your page. I will read your entire site and all respect to you and your grandfather.
    My six month old son’s middle name is Toussaint!

  2. For sale 30 presidential Haitian Documents they are of 28 different presidents. I have Louverture, Cristophe, Petion, Boyer many rare never seen on the market before. If interested please email.

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