List of Famous People of Haitian Descent

Thanks to James L-C for permission to reprint the following list of famous people of Haitian descent. There were some surprises for me on this list. Anyone know of any to add? ~ed.

UPDATE: J.S. Alexis has emailed the following to the editors: “In your list of famous people of Haitian descent, you should add actor Sydney Poitier. His father was a Haitian farmer.”


W.E.B. Dubois – Famous American Civil Rights Leader whose parents migrated from Haiti

Toussaint Louverture “The Black Napoleon” – Black Freedom fighter who in 1803 would open the way for the First Black Republic in the World, Ayiti (Haiti). He died in a french jail before seeing a free Haiti, which in 1804 became the 2nd country in the Americas after the U.S. to become independent

Jean-Jacques Dessalines – Leader of the First Black Republic in the World

Alexandre Petion – Haitian Leader who would help the founder of Latin American Independence, Simon Bolivar (The country of Bolivia is named after him), by providing weapons and soldiers with the promise Bolivar would free all the slaves in places he liberated. The flag of Venezuela was actually sewed together in Haiti

Henry Christophe – Famous Haitian King who build the Citadelle in Haiti which is a huge fortress representing freedom. As a young boy, he was one of many slave soldiers recruited by the French in then the colony of Saint Domingue (which would later become Haiti) to fight alongside the Americans in the American Revolution in 1779 against the British in Savanah Georgia. Today, there is a Statue in Savanah Georgia representing the little known fact of Haiti’s small contributions in U.S. History


John James Audubon – Was born in Haiti and would become a legendary, revered bird watcher and art enthusiast in America. The Audubon Society is named after him

Jean Michel Basquiat – Son of Haitian and Puerto Rican parents who was a graffiti artist in NYC using the tag SAMO who would later become one of the most successful, controversial and glamorous artists in the world

Jacques Stephen Alexis – Haitian writer who is a descendant of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. One of his works is GENERAL SUN, MY BROTHER

Ludovic Lamothe – A graduate of L’Institution Saint Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince Haiti, he was sent to Paris to study music composition. He is one of Haiti’s most renowned classical composers

Wyclef Jean – Musician, singer and producer who founded the Fugees

Praz – The other guy from the Fugees

Won-G – Haitian American Rapper who has a video out with Paris Hilton. Wait…Not that kind of video (imagine the outrage of P.H. caught doing it with a black guy). This one is actually not rated X and is a music video

Edwidge Danticat – Famous Haitian American writer of such books like THE FARMING OF THE BONES and KRIC? KRAC?

Quddus – Haitian Canadian MTV VJ / Model

Oswald Durant – Haitian Poet who wrote “choucoune” which would later become the lyrics for the songs “little bird” by Harry Belafonte.

Alexandre Dumas – French writer who is the son of a Haitian slave woman and a French soldier. His famous writings includes, THE THREE MUSKETEERS and THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO

Gabrielle Casseus – Actor in movies such as BLACK HAWK DOWN, and BEDAZZLED

Vanessa Williams – Not the singer, but the one who acts in SOUL FOOD the series.

Tyrone Edmond – Famous Haitian model

Jimmy Saint Louis – Famous Haitian actor / model. He was in THE BOURNE IDENTITY, TEARS OF THE SUN, and soon to be released THE GAMES OF THEIR LIVES where he plays the role of Haitian Joe Gaetzens (see sports below). {I have a cameo in this movie by the way, where I play the role of soccer players Eddie Pope and Robin Frazer ~J~}

Garcelle Beauvais – Born in Haiti and moved to NY. She would become a model than an actress on NYPD Blue

Gary Dourdain – Actor from CSI Las Vegas. His parents or grandparents came from Haiti. Sadly enough, his older brother died in Haiti (there are questions as to whether he was pushed off a balcony, or simply fell) while on a visit there to research his Haitian lineage

Marjorie Vincent – Daughter of Haitian immigrants who would become Miss America in 1991

Raoul Peck – Haitian Film director who has many films in his credits. One of which is the famous documentary LUMUMBA: Death of a Prophet

Josephine Premice – Haitian born American actress/dancer/singer. Some of her acting credits is THE JEFFERSONS, THE COSBY SHOW, A DIFFERENT WORLD…

Rene Depestre – Famous Haitian writer of many books, one of which is THE FESTIVAL OF THE GREASY POLE

Jacques Roumain – Famous Haitian writer and one of his most famous work is GOUVERNEURS DE LA ROSEE

Jean-Jean Pierre – Haitian composer, musician, journalist, and playwright, who was profiled on the New York Times Public Lives segment in December 23rd 2004

Ronal and Rony Delice – Haitian Brothers who are acclaimed fashion designers in New York City


Pierre Toussaint – Haitian born slave who is under consideration by the Vatican for canonization for his humanitarian work in New York

Elizabeth Clarisse Lange – Freed slave who first migrated to Cuba then to Baltimore, Maryland. In Baltimore, she founded the first Catholic school for black children, the St. Francis Academy. Today, she is also being considered for canonization by the Vatican


Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable – Free Black Slave from Haiti who would become a very successful trader in America. In 1779, he established the first permanent settlement of the city of Chicago. He is known today as the founder of that city.

Dr. Rose Marie Toussaint – One of only two women liver transplant surgeon in the world

Joseph Laroche – Haitian businessman traveling with his french wife and kids on the Titanic which was somewhat of a choc to people to see a black man and his white wife traveling aboard a very expensive ocean liner at that time. He was taking his family to live in Haiti when he died with many others on the sunken ship. We all know what happened. She along with their 2 kids survived. He didn’t. He was the only black man to die on the Titanic. His wife and kids never made it to Haiti as they decided to return to France

Dr. Carole Berotte Joseph – She is the new president of MassBay Community College in Massachussetts


Joe Gaetjens – Haitian born soccer player who scored amazing goal for the underdog U.S. in match against mighty England in 1950 World Cup of Soccer in Brazil. This game is still today one of the biggest upset in sports history. He would later die under mysterious circumstances in Haiti under Papa Doc (see below). In 1976 he was inducted into the United States Soccer Federation Hall of fame.

William Joseph – DT for NY Giants

Jonathan Vilma – LB for NY Jets

Samuel Dalembert – C for Philadelphia 76rs

Mario Elie – Former G for Houston Rockets

Olden Polynice – Former NBA player

Bruny Surin – Haitian / Canadian Track and field star


Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier along with his father Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, combined to ruled Haiti under a brutal dictatorship for about 30 yrs. Papa Doc was the inspiration of Graham Greene in his book and movie adaptation of THE COMEDIANS. When Baby Doc left for France in 1986, it is estimated he took most of the country’s wealth with him. Today he lives broke in the South of France with his wife having taken most of the stolen money before leaving him


Danny Glover – American Actor and Activist who’s been working for the past decade to get Hollywood to make a movie on TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE. Unfortunately, Hollywood thinks the story is too black.

Jonathan Demme – Film Producer who just recently released THE AGRONOMIST a story of Haitian journalist Jean Dominique who died under shady circumstances

Lauryn Hill – Much love for you girl. Can’t wait for the FUGEES reunion concert this summer in Haiti. You bet I will be on the plane to PAP

Katherine Dunham – The Matriarch of black American dance, she spend many years in Haiti studying Haitian dances. She incorporates many Haitian dances in her works. If you found this instructive, let me know. If I am missing anyone from this list, let me know. My job is to promote my culture in a positive light and if you have learned something new, than I did a good job. Like we say in kreyol, “deye mon se mon”, which means behind every mountains is many more mountains – in short, the struggle continues.

Peace! ~J~

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  1. just being real folks;i mean “PROPS” to the GREAT HAITIANS,that has played a major roll in BLACK HISTORY and BLACK LEADERSHIP; but really and truely,me personally dont respect anybody that has abandoned there country and and moved to a foreign,changed there birth citizenship to be a citizen of another country and yet still you wants to (BIG-UP)or HONOR the country of your origin in a foreign land;thats like celling your birthrite..i see people like that as trators and should not be respected at all…because if you so love your country and wants to represent your country then really and truely you should do that in your country of origin..If you dont respect the country that you’ve migrated to and became a citizen of,then you should not be there…feel free to mail me if yu “catch wat am say’n” @

  2. I googled Danny, Katherine, Lauryn and Jonathan and found out that they are not Haitians, so im a lil bit confused.

  3. Really? Many of the folks here are not mentioned. Not everyone with a Fench first name or surname is Haitian. As a Haitian I am baffled at the NEED TO CLAIM OTHERS. In our island we did the same. Claiming to be Dominican or at least half. In Florida, claiming to be Jamaican when we first got there, in NY claiming to be half some other west indian islander. Wikipedia IS NOT RELIABLE! I’m sorry but Lil Wayne? Did anyone see how he was comparing Katrina to our tragedy? I’m 17 and tired of the lies. The manipulation of wikipedia (anyone could edit) We are strong, we are smart, we are beautiful, we are Haiti! Give us the youth the truth. We deserve it. I researched some of the people being claimed such as Beyonce (grandmother was straight French never went to Haiti) the same way I caught everyone’s lies such as Jay Z being Haitian; is the same way the world will catch us lying (by researching) You want us to have great self esteem? Tell us truths cause it hurts to be lied too. Even if we didn’t have famous people, I would still love being Haitian. Thanks for reading and good night. ***PLS STOP THE MISEDUCATION. The same way we are watching them, they are watching us.

  4. Haiti c’est un petit pays aux histoires profondes,morfond dans la misere et le sous developpement a cause de l’inconsistence de ses dirigeants!

  5. Haiti

    Tout differe autour de toi pour en devenir noir, c’est le soir tout noir. autour de ton calvaire point de samaritains pour te tendre la main, c’est le soir tout est noir. un jour comme aujourd’hui ton soleil aura luit tu recrouveras ta liberte.

  6. sidney poitier’s father was not a haitian he was a bahamian farmer and i know this because my grandmother and his father were neighbours in cat island witch is in the bahamas no haiti his father was born in cat island as well as his mother

  7. I never felt so proud in my life. I didn’t know until today that there were so many famous haitian peoples. I’m really proud of my country… It’s sad when I see some haitians students in high school feeling ashame that they are haitian. They just don’t know what they are worth… But the only thing that make me sad is that, trough all the peoples who wrote, none of them wrote in creole. That make me really sad. Kreyol la se pa nou, se kilti nou, se sa nou ye, fok nou ba li enpotans li merite a. Paske zanset nou yo pat janm wont pale kreyol… Beside that, I’m really happy to learn that so much haitians peoples love their country despite of the situation of our sweet Haiti.

  8. I am Haitian, I don’t need to be associate with any celebrity to make pride of my heritage, although I give two thumbs up for the guine Haitian celebrities, but I do I have a problem when we try to claim Oprah Winfrey as Haitian. i don’t even think that Oprah cares about regular black folks never mind trying to pass her as Haitian. Please stop it, we can do without her. We’ll be okay.

  9. Im Jamaican and I LOVE HAITIANS!!! though haitians might think otherwise, You are my brothers and sisters and You out there will ALWAYS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. I will never forsake nor disown you or any haitians. If you are happy it makes me happy, if you are sad it makes me sad, I share your fears, your worries your success, I will never ever forget haiti, nor turn my back on any of you….I LOVE YOU ALL.

  10. 1) Only DuBoi’s father was Haitian. The mother was native to the US.

    2) L’Ouverture should not be listed as “The Black Napoleon” because Napoleon was a genocidist, and a barbarian. L’Ouverture was NOT.

    3) Vanessa Williams has volunteered for Haiti. However, she (the Soul Food actress) is NOT Haitian. She is simply an activist for Haiti. Not everyone who cares about Haiti MUST be Haitian.

    4) Katherine Dunham was an African-American “matriarch”. Not simply “Black American”…could be anything. She studied to preserve African-American dance and traveled the diaspora to document the connections between African-American dance and particularly the dance of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Brazil. She also spent much time in Haiti and documented there as well, though the connections she documented are primarily in Brazil, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.

    I know Haiti needs encouragement right now, but the people are strong and lists like this are nothing compared to the legacy Haiti already has in the heart of Black people, especially African-Americans. It seems Haiti is despised in the caribbean, though I think it’s due to ignorance and jealousy.

    Still, if people are going to make lists, it needs to be accurate. I get tired of going through lists like this and seeing desperate claims to claim everyone and their grandmother as Haitian. Haiti doesn’t need Dourdain or Oprah (SHE’S NOT HAITIAN, GET IT???) to feel good about being Haitian.

    Haiti has an incredible and STRONG legacy that trumps any achievements any actor, tv personality, or rapper can create for him/herself. Feel good about being Haitian for the accomplishments of the ancestors – and use that knowledge to empower Haitians to overcome the obstacles consistently and deliberately set in its place!!!

  11. And to #45/Lune, Thierry Henry is from Gwada and Matnik heritage! His parents are of Guadeloupe and Martinique, NOT Haiti. Just because a Black person has a name that sounds French or is French, that does NOT make them Haitian. Learn history and expand your mind and learn that the French were NOT ONLY IN HAITI.

    What kind of generation is Haiti raising today?? The ignorance and insecurity is incredible!

  12. Do not forget Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, the founder of Chicago. He was born in St Marc Haiti in 1745. His father was French and his mother an African Slave.

  13. pround to be haitien but if you are a famous african american they claim you like you got to be haitian low self people dont you see they only claim the top celebrity beyonce opra jay z 50 cent usher if lady gaga was black they claim her to i know haitien they pround to be ignorant dont foget justin buever that mean black people can have the rest

  14. I had it rough being light skin and Haitian. Ppl would ask me if I’m mixed or tell me I’m Lying! I’m proud to say I’m Haitian I never would deny it and so glad to see other Haitians doing good and making a good name for us! I love Haiti !

  15. I am trying to find some information on my grandparents of Haiti. She was a important person in Haiti, if anyone can help. Her Name was Lise Alfred Zenny, married to Gabriel Zenny. My grandfather is from Batroun which is now Lebanon.

  16. The true axis of evil[The western colonialist powers] has embarked itself on a cascade of wide range hostilities against Haiti ever since the successful Haitian revolution uprooted slavery in Haiti in 1804.
    The Colonial powers believe that Haiti had set a bad example for their economic interests. The spectrum of this hostility include but not limited to denial of diplomatic recognition after the revolution,relentless and ruthless bad press,systematic embargoes,countless political and military interventions,regime changes,political assassinations,kidnapping,forced exiles,brain drain,usurpation of La Navase etc

  17. “Haiti’s small contributions to America” — ever heard of the Louisiana Purchase?” It wouldn’t have been possible without Haiti — the first truely free country in the Western Hemiphere.

    On the list of people ” wish they weren’t Ayitien… add Petion and Boyer. Respectively, one plotted the assassination of General Desalination (mesi Papa) and the other agreed to pay France the “Independence Debt”. Not surprising: both men were. mulatto sons of France.

    Add to same list the coup d’etat people including:
    Raoul Peck
    Wi-clif Jean (née Wycleff)
    Michel “ti-simone / sweet Micky’s Martelly and his cousin “RAM”

  18. Johnathan Vilma plays for the New Orleans Saints not the NY Jets. Thanks for the article.

  19. ‘YES’ I love Haiti and my mother is Haitian and is true these story and one day Haiti will be more powerful then U.S.A.

  20. 100 Men 10 Houses
    Lambi Sustianable Village
    Novembr 10-17,2011

    “For the mountains may be removed and the hills ma shake,” Says the LORD who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

  21. hola soy dominicano y me llena de satifacion ,este articulo porque siempre lucho por el respeto a un pais y sus gente haitiana,tienen que mover el orgullo por su haiti!!!!!!!

  22. gave me lots of information for a western hemisphere project

  23. Well I am a Haitian decent but I came to this website because I no nothing about hati or my people so yo speak so that my story

  24. Beyonce needs to get real. My mom is a real Haitian she has a Haitian birth certificate. My dad and I are Jamaican (I was born there). Just because my mama is Haitian that don’t make me Straight Haitian. Get fucking real. Beyonce you are black as hell. I may give you creole or Cajun. But not haitian.

  25. thank you for sharing, i really wish all haitians, here and abroad would really look into their heritage some times,rather than spending their whole day chatting on facebook or else…. that is good insight specially for the you as it may be an inspiration for realizing their dreams…. and for those already successful and famous that never make any attempt to mention their heritage, shame on you… the situation of this nation has pittied me since i move back some five years ago … but guess what, just because your nails grow doesn’t mean you have to cut your fingers or chap your hand off… thanks again.

  26. Homer Plessy and scorns of the Louisiana Creoles are of Haitian decent and most families kept in contact with relatives until the 1940’s. It is well known that many French Creole scholars, educators etc from Louisiana are of Haitian decent. Homer Plessy is the person from the famous Plessy versus Ferguson case. It must be noted that Plessy did not speak English as well as he spoke French and Creole which was his real language. Many of the older Creoles in Louisiana did not speak English at all.

  27. Hey Stuart, great job. We need people like you to dig for information pertaining to Haitians, their attributes their cltures, and particularly any event started before independences still today. I read someone mentioned that Henry Crhistopher was not Haitian. This may be true. The point the moderator was accentuated is that: was those who are haitians, haitians decent, anyone who shapes by any events that has something to do with haitian.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. Due to many negative publicities in the early 1980s regarding Haitians, many who has haitian connection, disownwed their connection for the fear of the taboo the American society had associated the Haitians with.
    I am Haitian and proud to be so.

    Jean Jacques Dessaline, was not born in Haiti, yet, it gave us independence. Rumor has it that Dessalines may have come from the Sudan because of it real dark skinned and his hight. Bookman, Jean Francois and Biassou; those individuals who started the “Bois Caiman” ceremony that led to the swearing of the Haitian revolt, Bookman was a native of Jamaica.
    Rumor has it that Francois Duvalier not to be a Haitian born, yet, he was one of the hard-ass (for the lack of better word)Haitian president.

    Late Dominican president Toujillio who masacre 15,000 haitians was known to have a Haitian grand mother. He usually put on make up before he goes out in public to camaouflage his dark complextion

    98 eight percent of dack and light skinned Dominicans are mix with Hatians blood. What is your beef?

    For your information, Haiti at one time was a great power in the Americas.

  28. sidny poiter grandfather is Haitian his father was born in cat island of Haitian decent the Bahamas governor general now his parents are Haitians not decent are haitians

  29. Dr. Yvette Bonny: est la premiere dame a avoir reussi une greffe de la moelle osseuse. Elle est une Haitienne vivant au canada. Ses réussites exceptionnelles en médecine l’ont hissée au plus haut sommet de sa profession, accumulant distinction sur distinction :

    1977 – Prix « Madame Pédiatrie » pour la personne la plus appréciée du département de pédiatrie à Maisonneuve-Rosemont;
    1986 – Prix d’Excellence de la Communauté haïtienne de Montréal dans la catégorie médecine;
    1993 – Prix Hommage et Mérite de l’Association des Médecins haïtiens à l’étranger (AMHE), pour sa contribution au rayonnement de la profession médicale et de la communauté haïtienne;
    1993 – Prix des « Médecins de Cœur et d’Action » de l’Association des médecins de langue française du Canada;
    1995 – Hématologue de l’année pour sa contribution particulière à l’enseignement et la recherche en hématologie;
    1996 – Femme de mérite, Catégorie Sante du YWCA ;
    1997 – Citoyenne d’honneur de la ville de Montréal;
    1998 – Prix Sylvio Cator, modèle d’énergie et de réussite;
    1999 – Chevalier Honneur et Mérite, Gouvernement d’Haïti;
    1999 – Professeure (1999-2000), Département de Médecine de l’Université de Montréal;
    1999 – Ordre Honneur et Mérite au grade de Chevalier du Président Préval à l’occasion de la semaine de la Diaspora;
    2000 – Médecin de Mérite des 20 dernières années (Actualité Médicale);
    2000 – Prix du Millénium femme, Santé, droits humains;
    2004 – Professionnelle de l’année (Prix Jackie Robinson) « Montreal Association of Black Business Persons and Professionals »;
    2004 – African Canadian Achievement Awards;
    2006 – Prix de reconnaissance du CNDP (Conseil des Médecins, dentistes et Pharmaciens) de l’hôpital Maisonneuve –Rosemont;
    2007 – Chevalier de l’Ordre du Québec ;
    2008 – Membre de l’Ordre du Canada;
    2012 – Médaille de Jubilé de Diamant de la reine Élisabeth II.

  30. @ Kathy: Beyonce’s mothers side is indeed from Haiti! Just Google it! And she herself claims Creole…Yet in an interview with a Haitian Tv news guys,she finally did say that her grand parents came from Haiti in the mid/late 50’s. Tina doesn’t speak French nor Creole because her own mother didn’t teach it to her,because she herself were being teased at school! She claimed that she wants to learn Creole,but doesn’t have the time! BS! Then again,I can’t fault her on that,she’s lacking in the education & speaking department,seeing that she just received her GED last year! Although I’am no fan of hers for many reasons,one being that she says she wouldn’t claim Haitian ect….

  31. It’s crazy what I have come to understand by reading all these comments…
    First of all I’m a 100% haitian not mixed , I’m wat u called a MARABOU D’AFRIQUE.
    Our heritage is beautiful and I’m proud to be haitian ; some of these comments are educational others are destructive criticism
    For some people answer just to answer don’t even make sense I bet these smart people didn’t read before posting a comment . Pls read first don’t sound uneducated and childish, some just want to lie til their pants cut fire.
    Now to reply to the last comment by tank on 09/13/13.
    Pls, part of Louisiana history is due to the mullato Haitians , they were born from Slave African mothers and french plantation owner fathers ; therefore they got send to France to study when they get back they created architectures similar to the french in Haiti mostly in jacmel and places like new Orleans when they travel there . Creole language was created because my ancestors couldn’t understand french so creole is a mix of french Latin Spanish the language of the Zimbabweans over the years they added English words to it. Now due to slave trading creole got transfered from one island to another such as Dominica Guadeloupe Martinique , Louisiana to name a few.

    In 1492 Haiti quiskeya boyo was found by Christopher Columbus at the time were habited by red skins indians so he thought he was in India surname the country pearl of the islands and also Hispaniola. After the Indians died of hard labors and fevers they went to Africa and get my ppl but kept the Indian name til today HAITI. In 1804 we became the first country of black ppl INDEPENDENT. Thanks to our first leader jean jacques Dessalines. I may not know about now but I love and study my history I remember it all by dates from 1492-1804. La citadels palace in north of Haiti were built a short while after our independence . Guess with wat? With the blood and cements of the french and others that wanted to enslaves us. We were feared through all colonies they wouldn’t dare come to our country and call us negros and mistreated us cause some heads would have been cut. Yea I said it!
    All these little islands that got their independence in some years in the 1900’s Cuz they were done getting abused not Cuz they fought for it can just be quiet because all of u r ignorant and jealous .
    It doesn’t matter that some Haitians claimed rich folks around the world nor do they know their history well all that matters is the fact that we are proud to be on top first black , creole country independendent . It’s an honor to be haitian…

  32. Please place Jean Jacques Dessalines on top of Toussaint. Dessalines is and will remain the greatest freedom fighter on the universe. He defeated tyranny and evil. He Moses of all black men.
    p.s. Toussaint could become the governor of the St. Domingue Island (Haiti and Dominican Republic thanks to Dessalines military genius

  33. you all forgot about ELVIS DUMMERVIL… played for the Denver broncos now for the Baltimore Colts had a signing bonus of like 33 mill… was the highest paid player ever..I think.

  34. Your information about author Alexandre Dumas is off
    If you want a reference read The Black Count by Tom Reiss
    There are 2 Alex Dumas one father and one son or Jr
    Alex Dumas father was the son of a Saint Domingue slave Marie Cessette and a French Marquis Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie. Alex father changed his name from Thomas-Alexandre Dumas Davy de la Paillertrie to Alex Dumas after turning his back on his aristocratic family just in time to save him from Madame la Guillotine. He eventually became a general in the French army
    married a French woman Marie-Louise Elizabeth Labouret daughter of a military gaurd commander and they had children. One of whom is of course the famous author Alexandre Dumas (son) he is the son of a half Haitian half white French aristocrat and a white French woman.

  35. Adding that made Alex Dumas father formerly Thomas-Alexandre dumas Davy de la Paillertrie Count and upon his father Le Marquis death Alex Dumas fahter a Marquis himself. So the author Alex Dumas son the grand son of a Marquis and if France had not had that revolution he would also be a mixed-race aristocrat.

  36. What is the fuss about Sidney Poitier or Beyoncé! Many people do not want to claim their Haitian Roots for whatever reason. Haiti was once a rich country and still is. Due to poor governance, greed and strife amongst the people the country suffers. I was born in The Bahamas in 1966 to Haitian migrants from St. Louis du Nord and Ans-afleur. I am proud to be associated to Haiti by blood and so are all of my siblings who are born in The Bahamas. Many famous last names in The Bahamas are rooted deep in the grounds of Haiti such as the Dorsetts no matter how they spell it, the Dillets, the Foulkes, the Poitiers, the Parcs or Parks, the Mitchells, the Davies, the Mortemores or mortimers, the Francis, the Charltons, the Turnquests, Theophilus, the Josephs, the Oliphants, the LaFleurs, the Martins and I can go on… many people in our southern islands had mingled with Haitians and had fun and frolic with them and are now ashamed to claim it, why! You prefer to align with the British, the Canadians or the Jamaican and when your family tree is traced then what? Are you ashamed! Be proud of who you are, do not claim others and know that God placed all of us here to honour or heritage and our lineage. I am proud of my late father and my mother who is much alive today! To the Almighty I lift my hands. Then I owe it all to my Haitian parents for my success and strides that I have made. Yes, I am a product of Haiti and will never, ever forget the land of my parent’s birth and will teach my child the language at all cost. Haiti will reign again when its people look to God and not to man. Cheers to Haiti!

  37. I am from the Petithomme, Destin, Similien, Lafrance, Jean, Pierre-Louis and Martin clans and I am proud. Most of my extended family live in the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium and a few in London. Many are not interested in interacting with you for many feel that should a family search for any of them then that individual is either in need of financial support or some assistance. Well, I earn success on this planet and thank God for it. I would be pleased to meet any of my family members both far and near should they wish to interact – limits abound and it is not a must. Narrow-mindedness has no place in a technologically advance world…meet the folks!

  38. You have a great website here,I will start reading more.Please visit blog,I have a great article about the last king of Rwanda in Africa,I’m trying to inform people of this matter because his presence in the area would bring peace to the great lake region in central Africa.Thanks

  39. 1qusten pls my MOTHER was born in HAITI CAP HAITIAN and my FATHER was born in FRANCE and I was born in the BAHAMAS after 1973 wat am I ….

  40. TO: Jafray!! Its unfortunate that some youths of today, dont take the time out to read information thoroughly, it clearly states,”wish they were haitian” My advice to you, pay attention to what you read, before putting your foot in your mouth. Correct yourself before correcting others. Your comment is read by millions of viewers. TO: Golden Boy!! Educate and Empower yourself before making a statement thats read by millions. Many people in the world have fled their country of origin because of violence, poverty stricken, disease ridden, plague ect. Before birth, nobody has the opportunity to chose what country to be born in. TO: I want the truth!! Educate yourself cause rumors are a part of every day life. Only Yourself is responsible for educating You. If you dont believe something to be true, research. Dont soley rely on the internet for answers, visit your local library. Wikipedia can not be edit unless its hacked. If it was hacked, it will be announced to the public and removed from the internet immediately. My experience with Wikipedia has been 100% accurate.

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