New Resources Category

In an effort to enhance the usefulness of The Louverture Project, I’m going to start adding web links and other resources to the site. I’ll probably experiment a bit before I find the right way to present everything, but my first idea is to create a new category of posts called “Resources.” Under this, I’ll post entries like “Web Sites – General Haitian History.” Within that post, I will keep updating links as I find them.

I know that editing posted entries is antithetical to the blogger code, but if this works the way I think it will, it seems like the best way to organize a bunch of resource information. I’ve added the option to browse posts by category, so clicking on “Resources” at the right-hand side of the page should bring up one page with all the categories. The only problem I can see with this is that I may have to re-jigger the dates of the entries to get them to display alphabetically. There’s probably a better solution, but I haven’t found it yet.

*So*, the Resources category will be unreliable in terms of the posted date, but hopefully for this special case this won’t be a problem.

Also, I’m working on getting my current library of books as well as my wish list into “Readerware” for Mac. I’ll post those lists when they’re done.