In the process of moving this blog to the new server, I lost a draft I had been saving until the process was complete. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but a minor frustration, and it means that I lost a chance to do a fresh post. Ah, well…

We had our first instance of spam on the brand new site. The main page of the wiki was replaced with an ad for… well, it was an ad. Why anyone gets any pleasure out of this kind of randomly malicious behavior is beyond me, but the good news is that the damage was quickly spotted and easily reversed. I have a program that checks the RSS feed for the Recently Updated pages on the wiki, so I can know within a half-hour tops if there’s been any nefarious activity. Rolling back the page is a simple matter, and the user in question has been banned until further notice.

My own activities with the wiki have been slowed, as I’m deep in the hunt for gainful employment. I have lots of plans and material to add as soon as time frees up, and I’m especially hoping to continue soliciting help from others. The project needs a community to survive, and I hope there’ll be some willing participants who’ll make their way over to the site before long.

Lots more coming soon, including fresh links and features on the sidebar, so keep checking back…

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