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Courtesy of the Haiti List (or, as I’ve taken to calling it, the Haiti Information and Opinion Tidal Wave), I came across the following essay:

HAITI: Rhetoric Versus Reality

bq. “The reality of the current ‘hands-off’ approach of the US is a cold-blooded invitation to the ‘rebels’ to carry on tearing the country apart, for as far as the US is concerned Haiti is not only a geographically handy reservoir of cheap labour (as it has been for generations) but most important of all – Haiti’s struggle is a beacon for the poor and the oppressed of the world, just as it was exactly 200 years ago, when it became the world’s first independent Black republic. Making an example of Haiti (just at it did with Iraq) is the real objective of the ‘hands-off’ approach. Defy the US and you reap the consequences.”

The essay, as you can see, bemoans the current state of US relations with Haiti, and attacks the media’s poor treatment of Aristide. Factually, it seems to jive with what I understand to be true of Haiti’s history.

“William Bowles”:http://www.williambowles.info/wb/bio.html’ site, “I’n’I – Investigating the ‘new’ imperialism”:http://www.williambowles.info/index.html, contains a wealth of information and opinion. Not all of it is about Haiti, but there are plenty of Haiti links as well as a ticker running the latest Haiti headlines.