Power without money is an illusion

Another insightful article from I’n’I’s Haiti news, this one by Saul Landau, a noted documentary film maker. This has an excellent and balanced rundown of the issues in Haiti today, as well as the historical context.

Mr. Landau offers the following example from his own experience as a parallel to what’s happening in Haiti today.

Haiti News

bq. “In 1989, I interviewed Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley. I asked him what reforms he would make now that he had regained political power (he won as a Democratic Socialist in 1972 and 76, was defeated in 1980 and won a third term in 1989, no longer a socialist, but a supporter of IMF policies).

bq. “He laughed scornfully. ‘My budget has no flexibility,’ he said. ‘The DEA offers a $29 million grant to burn ganja [marijuana] fields. I have a choice: use the money to open the roads blocked by Hurricane Andrew or raise teachers’ pay and keep the schools open. I can’t do both. No agrarian reform. No health care.’ He shook his head. ‘Political power without money in the budget is an illusion.’