Squeezing French from a Stone

I�d like to get to the point where I�m posting here at least once a day. It might not always be interesting, but here goes…

As a lot of the original materials having to do with the Haitian Revolution are in French, I�ve been studying the language through Rosetta Stone. I paid for a quarterly subscription to their online course, and I�ve been very happy so far.

Logging in to their website loads a Shockwave browser window which contains the entire course. You start by matching spoken phrases with pictures and can progress to writing and even speaking, via a microphone on your PC. I may post a thorough review after I�ve had a chance to get through a few more lessons, but my initial impressions are quite positive. There�s a free demo of the online version available, too, so try it out!

Other than that, I�m reading Libete and the occasional online essay at Professor Corbett�s site or elsewhere. Also keeping up with the steady stream of news and discussion on the Haiti List.