Toussaint in context of the bicentennial

The “news out of Haiti” these days is distressing. Anti-government rebels have taken several cities and are calling for President Aristide’s resignation. In this context, the research about Toussaint takes on an especially poignant quality. Is Haiti doomed to be a poor, divided country for the rest of its days? Would it have been different had Toussaint survived to see Haiti’s independence?

I find myself mystified – almost angry – at Toussaint’s capture. It seems so senseless. Korngold writes that Toussaint essentially walked into a trap; James is no more enlightening on the circumstances. I have trouble, though, reconciling this with the image of someone who was so politically and militarily astute. Why was he so trusting? Why was he not more on guard?

If anyone has more information or knows a better source of details of Toussaint’s capture, please leave a comment or click on the link in the sidebar to send me an email.

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