Websites – Arts, Toussaint and Haiti in

“American Museum of Natural History”:
_AMNH’s Living in America series for 2004 features Haiti._

“Casting Call for Lion in Captivity”:
_I believe this was Paul Robeson�s one-act about Toussaint. The auditions were held on November 1st and 3rd of 2003, but I couldn�t tell if a production was ever mounted._

_Site is mostly in French; sells CDs, rare books, video, and objets d�art._

“Robey Theatre Company”:
_See Events | Toussaint for a link to �For the Love of Freedom… Part I, Toussaint (the Soul) Rise and Revolution,� by Levy Lee Simon_

“Windows on Haiti”:
_Also see this site for good Audio and Art links._

_[Entry updated Feb 1, 2004 noon]_