Websites – Haiti, general

“Bob Corbett�s Haiti Page”:
_A top-notch collection of resources on Haiti. See especially links to the Haiti Mailing List and Corbett�s essays on the revolutionary period._

“Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington D.C.”:
_Search the Documentation section for Haitian political documents and texts of old speeches._

“Governments on the World Wide Web – Haiti”:
_A page of vital links._

“Haiti Info”
_Bi-lingual blog-style list of news reports and other articles._

“Haiti�s Super Web Directory”:
_Emmanuel W. Vedrine�s other project._

“Haiti Support Group”:
_Very accessible web site with news for travelers, event updates, and a brief summary of famous Haitians._

_Big, good looking site, lots of Haiti links. Especially check out the “Haiti Global Village”:, a bilingual online community of Haitians_

“Journal of Haitian Studies”:
_Part of the Center for Black Studies, this is the “official publication of the Haitian Studies Association,” a refereed scholarly journal._

_Excellent site by artist Hertz Nazaire. Includes a Creole dictionary online. Check out the new book – Revolution 1804-2004._

“Miami Herald Special Section – Haiti�s Bicentennial”:
_Includes on-the-scene reports from Michael A.W. Ottey._

“Multicultural Florida”:
_Long list of links suffers from lack of organization._

“Vedrine Creole Project”:
_List of essays, articles, and other resources – all in Creole._

“Windows on Haiti”:
_General news and information. Audio links, arts links, history, photos, essays._

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