Websites – Haiti, history

“Douglas Egerton on the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint L’Ouverture, and Jefferson”:
_See the main site for general African-American history._

“Haiti – A Country Study”:
_A book on Haiti from the Library of Congress. Includes history._

“Haiti almanac info from World Statesmen”:
_Includes flags, lists of governors, prime ministers, etc._

“The Haitian Revolution”:
_University of Albany pathfinder site full of links and resources._

“The history of the Republic of Haiti, Hartford Web Publishing”:
_HWP has a huge collection of historical documents in its online archives, including these about Haiti._

“We Love Haiti”:
The official website of the First Annual Haitian Culture Festival in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. Sept. 14, 2003. See the links to “History”: and “Founding Fathers”: