Websites – Haiti, politics

_Please note that I do not endorse any of these sites or their views. I simply provide the links as a reference._

_Website of the coalition led by Andy Apaid._

_Website of the Haiti Action Committee._

“Haiti Democracy Project”:
_US organization which advocates for “more effecive U.S. policy toward Haiti.”_

“Haiti Reborn”:
_Political action site._

“Haiti Support Group”:
_Very accessible web site with links for travel, events, and more._

“International Coalition of Independent Observers”:
_Haitian Election Page, with an extensive report of the elections of 2000._

“Institute for Research in the Science of Politics”:
_Interesting site. Self-professed Haiti-focused interest group, contains news analysis, essays, and poetry (!)._

“Organization of American States’ Dec. 17 report”:
_OAS report of the Commission of Inquiry into the events of December 17, 2001 in Haiti._

_[Updated February 16, 2001, 2:23 pm]_